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Victory over Nefarian

Last night, our guild finally defeated Nefarian! It was a tough fight for us. We'd had a few aborted attempts before (I think this was our fourth or fifth night?), but were hampered by folks who weren't up to the task, as they'd just returned to WoW after time enough away to forget how to do things. It's not a horrifically difficult fight, but one does need to be current with one's character.

Last night's effort took 11 attempts (data based on the number of Seafood Magnifiques I had left). Varied tactics were tried and we made progress each time—except for I think about four attempts where someone/thing screwed up and we decided to wipe immediately.

My task was to kite the skeletons in phase one and interrupt the blast nova in phase two. A mistake I made early on was putting too much damage on the skeletons, as they took too long to die. And one fight I just could not get their attention away from another person. Frustrating. The other times went smoothly enough, plus or minus. Having a hunter freeze trap in the center of the room was helpful.

Anyway, we got 'im down and the last attempt went pretty smoothly!

I forgot to snap a pic, so here's one from the internets!

Image courtesy WoWHead

The entirely hideous challenge armor set

Leveling before MoP