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Leveling before MoP

There are new panther mounts made out of jewels (see them in action in a previous post).

Regarding that, this post from Blizzard:

These will be Jewelcrafter recipes and we're not actually completely decided on whether there will be a recipe for each colour, or whether the creation of one will produce one of the four colours at random. 

As I think you already know, the black one will be a little different. It's a flying mount and it'll be created by combining the other four mount colours together. 

We're estimating that the cost of creating these mounts will be very expensive. ;)

So, that's why I'm leveling Abvilsk, my shaman jewelcrafter. Not so much to make money from making mounts for others (though I suppose that may be possible? Or providing materials for others?) but the primary reason is I want every one of those mounts. By which I mean, I don't just want the black one, but the black one plus the each of the other colors.

I figure the best way to effect that plan is to be a jewelcrafter.

As a bonus, I'm learning about shamans and being melee DPS!

Victory over Nefarian

The mounts of Mists of Pandaria