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The entirely hideous challenge armor set

Look at this:

This is the sandwich board advertisement for transmogrification known as the Challenge Armor Set, to be released soon by Blizzard.

Where does one begin? Well, forget the ridiculous shoulders, dumb hat, inexplicable face, and gaudy robe for a second. Instead: Someone tell me why there is a bulging eye over the crotch.

It's a symbol of wizardry. Is its location supposed to have meaning, or was it put there purely as an aesthetic choice? Neither option makes sense. And I assume it's not there to indicate that magic comes from genitalia. Is it?

And did you see the three electric pinecones jutting out from the crotch eye? 

Who would choose to wear gaudy crotch pinecones? And why? I mean, outside of a bet, dare, or community service in a carnival?

No. This set is wrong

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