30 Minute obsessions is a podcast—perhaps soon one day to return—but meanwhile enjoy these miscellaneous thoughts in the blog!

Elusive Jadefang is elusive

Pic taken shortly before I sat down from the tireds.

Waiting for Jadefang I hope those spiders don't come closer. Spiders are creepy.

I'll get Jadefang eventually!

By the by, there's a strategy for getting to Jadefang's spawn point that's safer and easier that turning off and on your internet connection repeatedly (a strategy suggested in forums).

It's merely this: Get the daily quest from Picket that has you plant bombs to get crystals. You know the one.

Then, you know where Pebble is? Go to that tunnel then use your mount to jump onto the green menhir, as shown below…

Jadefang jump to green Jump to here!

Then, face your back to Jadefang's cave…

Jadefang's cave Ready…steady…

Plant your Picket bomb and you'll sail into the cave easy peasy!

PLUS! You can keep the bombs forever! And ever! Even after the quest ends for the day, even after a server reset. So you can try to visit Jadefang any time of the night or day without goofy backfiring tricks.

Now, if only Jadefang would join me…

Oh, here we go!

At last, Firelands trash!