30 Minute obsessions is a podcast—perhaps soon one day to return—but meanwhile enjoy these miscellaneous thoughts in the blog!

At last, Firelands trash!

I was asked to fill in on a Firelands raid last night by someone who had to leave. It was in another guild—but my guildmaster was the one I was replacing so I trusted her judgement.

I came in for two or three attempts at Lord Rhylos or whatever his name is (the one with the turning legs) but other people in the raid had to leave so we concentrated on Firelands trash instead.

Firelands trash Returning to the boss after a wipe

Much to my delight! This was my first experience in Firelands and, as you know, I needed to kill a Molten Lord to begin the Your Time Has Come quest.

Which, we did!

Thus, I reaped that reward right away...

Abethany and Anachronos A pretty cut scene!

And I'm on my way! ;)

Elusive Jadefang is elusive

Handy Firelands tip o' th' Day: Charred Combatants