30 Minute obsessions is a podcast—perhaps soon one day to return—but meanwhile enjoy these miscellaneous thoughts in the blog!

Nefarion killed!

This was quite an entertaining fight for a mage. I was asked to join in the fight by a friend-of-the-guild guild and they were learning the fight for the first time. Long story short, I snapped a pic next to his corpse!

Note! The first thing I did afterward was try to start the quest for Dragonwrath. Alas, I didn't not qualify because this Nefarion kill was in a post-4.2 environment. I'll have to do it the hard way—by killing a Molten Lord.

Nefarion's corpse That's me in the corner, to give you a sense of scale! (see what I did there?)

Handy Firelands tip o' th' Day: Charred Combatants

I asked—I was given!