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Guide to Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest

A legendary staff. Legendary! Staff! Huzzah for mages, finally!

If you cast spells then you want this staff. That's all there is to it. But how do you get it? Through a series of quests that ask you to farm mats and kill specific people. The ultimate goal is to get a staff that's infused with the soul of a dragon.

The stages of Dragonwrath The stages of Dragonwrath

Dragonwrath mats at-a-glance

You'll need the following:

  1. 3 Sands of Time (vendor, costs 9,000 gp)

  2. 25 Eternal Embers (raid boss drops)

  3. 1000 Seething Cinders (drops)

  4. The heart of Ragnaros (from Ragnaros)

That doesn't sound too bad, does it?

Firelands Molten Lord Firelands Molten Lord

Step one: Begin with blood!

There are two ways to get Your Time Has Come, the quest that starts everything:

  1. Have already killed Al'Akir, Nefarian, or Cho'gall (if so, go get the quest right now).

  2. Or, you can kill any Molten Lord in the Firelands.

Coridormi Coridormi

Once you've done either of those, then you'll get the Your Time Has Come quest, which asks you to report to Coridormi in the mage tower in Stormwind.

There, you can get the next quest: A Legendary Engagement.

This quest merely has Coridormi conduct you to the Caverns of Time, there to speak to Anachronos, the dragon.

Anachronos will give you yet another quest: A Wrinkle in Time. This isn't so much a quest as merely watching a cut scene, specifically the vision that Anachronos has of the future of Azeroth. (If you want to be spoiled, you can watch a video someone captured of it here.)

A whole lot of steps just to start things off—but this is a legendary item, so even getting the quest for it is going to be convoluted, right?

Step Two: Get busy

Having seen Anacrhonos' vision of the future, it's time to start, for reals this time, getting the staff. The first quest is All-Seeing Eye, and it begins with Anachronos. He needs to construct an all-seeing eye and you get to farm the mats!

He needs:

The Sands of Time you can merely walk up and buy. They're sold by Yasmin in Uldum for 3,000 gp each.

The Eternal Embers are an entirely different story. You need 25 of them, they're BoP, and they only drop from Firelands bosses. Namely:

The drop rate is one at a time from 10-person raids, two on 25-person raids. These should probably be master looted since they're so valuable.

And so it comes to this

This is the point at which your guild has to decide who is getting the staff. There's nothing to restrict it to only one person in the guild having it, but given the enormity of getting 25 embers then later 1,000 cinders, your guild will probably burn out before it can get a second staff, so, probably, only one character is getting it.

Why should you, a mage get it? There are any number of reasons. The staff itself is legendary so it's valuable to anyone who can use staves.

My own argument is that it should go to the person who is going to be the most active clothy in the guild. The whole guild is going to have to participate in getting the materials for the staff—the whole guild should see that legendary weapon every time they raid from that point onward. It should go to the person who, everyone knows, is going to be at all the raids after the weapon is granted.


After you bring Anachronos the mats and he uses them to make his Timeless Eye, you're off on a series of quests.

Step three: Branching quests

There's On a Wing and a Prayer, where you bring the Eye to Coldarra and Tarecgosa shows you a cut scene, followed by Through a Glass, Darkly which involves action on your part. You'll be escorted through a special instance of The Nexus and fight your way to the end, where you'll use the aforementioned Eye to get to another cut scene.

With the knowledge gained from this latest cut scene, you go then to Mount Hyjal in the quest Actionable Intelligence. Once you deliver the information to Kalecgos, he sends you on a difficult mission…


Information online about the next quest, Delegation, is a bit unclear. Does one have to pursue a drop? Is it as easy as going somewhere and clicking an NPC? As of this writing, it's tough to find a definitive answer, but in case it's a major effort it gets a major heading here.

Regardless, the purpose of Delegation is to get the Branch of Nordrassil and deliver it to Kalecgos. Once you do that, you'll be given the first stage of the legendary staff via the quest Nordrassil's Bough.

Branch of Nordrassil Branch of Nordrassil

Step Four: One thousand seething cinders

In Emergency Extraction you return to Coldarra, this time with Kalecgos. You find Tarecgosa has been injured but the quest At One heals her by using part of your soul to do so.


In the Time Grows Short quest, Kalecgos informs you that while Tarecgosa is, well, not completely dead, but in order to keep her soul from passing into the next world he needs 1000 seething cinders. One thousand!

These drop from bosses in the Firelands. The drop rate is, according to Blizzard, deliberately obfuscated at the time of this writing. They'll only say that if you do it in 10-person raids then it'll take 2–2.5 times longer than if you do it in 25-person raids.

My personal opinion is that these will drop through the normal course of business of working your way toward Ragnaros. 1,000 sounds like a lot, and it is, surely, but I think they'll come naturally, without too much additional effort strictly on their part.

Once you have the thousand, the quest Alignment asks you to vote in a council meeting to make Kalecgos the next Aspect—which you can do since you and Tarecgosa have shared souls. You can represent her there. Once you do, you'll be rewarded with the next stage of the legendary staff: Runestaff of Nordrassil!

Runestaff of Nordrassil Runestaff of Nordrassil

Step five: The Heart of the matter

Kalecgos' efforts have reached their end point regarding Tarecgosa. He needs to bind her into an object or she'll disappear entirely. The Runestaff of Nordrassil is sufficiently powerful an object—but he needs one thing powerful enough to actually keep her bound to this plane: The Heart of Ragnaros! Hint: It's inside Ragnaros' chest!

So, the easiest part of the entire quest chain, right? After all, it's just killing one guy!

After that, you go on a final quest, The Stuff of Legends, where you witness Kalecgos get the Heart of Flame, then Tarecgosa's essence is fully instilled into the staff, and you get Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest:

Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest

And epic weapon, a great quest chain, and a legendary experience to be sure.

And now you know why it's titled Tarecgosa's Rest.

Good luck!

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