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More demand than supply

I see Blizzard has not found a solution to a recurring problem with daily quests: more demand than supply. With everyone on the server doing the same daily quest at the same time, there aren't enough quest objects to allow people to actually do the quest.

Blizzard increased the number of daily quests everyone can do to 25. At the same time, Blizzard should, you know, allow us to do 25 daily quests in a day. Too much time is spent idle, waiting for quest objects to catch up to us.

Wounded Firelands guy Rare wounded

Take the save-the-wounded quest in Firelands. The object is simple enough: Find wounded troopers and heal them (salve provided). The problem is that sometimes it's nigh impossible to find even one, let alone the required number, because as soon as one becomes wounded there's a gaggle of people desperate to heal him.

Good for the troops, but bad for us.

I get that part of the game is interacting with other people, even partying up to help complete daily quests together. But having everyone do the same quest at the same time causes more problems than it solves.

Among them: Time is spent doing nothing rather than playing the game.


No good post is good without offering a solution, so here are a two to choose from.

Vary which quests are offered

I assume the technological resources aren't in place to offer and individual loadout of daily quests, so that every person in the game has a specific set of dailies just for them to do (there are only so many quests to choose from so, sure, a thousand people would have the same set, but you get what I mean).

To get around this, why not offer a rotating set of daily quests based on an external factor, like time of day or first letter of character name? For example, during one 15-minute block everyone whose characters begin with A–L gets quest 1, M–Z gets quest 2. Or, the quest givers automatically rotate what quests they give. The first person to walk up to the giver gets quest 1. Second gets quest 2, &c.

The idea is to have a situation where not every single person in the zone is trying to do the same daily quest at the same time. It would seem like there are any number of ways to break up what's offered.

Provide more quest objects

Blizzard already does this fairly well when it comes to things you have to kill. They solved this problem with the zero-time respawn. As soon as you kill one target creature, another pops up almost as soon as you loot the first one. This way, no one is waiting around for something to kill.

(Of course, this creates a different problem, of not being able to extricate yourself from a combat situation so you can just go about your day, but that's another story.)

But, when it comes to objects, there just aren't enough to go around. There are plenty of things to kill, so why skimp on the objects?


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