30 Minute obsessions is a podcast—perhaps soon one day to return—but meanwhile enjoy these miscellaneous thoughts in the blog!

Guys! Don't forget to do this!

OK, first, go here (click to enlarge!):

Vin location in Stormwind

That's the location of a little girl, Vin (and her dog, Dotty)…

Vin and Dotty

She has a quest for you: Blown Away. Take it!

All you have to do is find five balloons that've blown away from her. It's easy peasy!

They're all around Stormwind but I found all of mine in the Mage Quarter. They all look the same and they all sparkle and look like this:

Vin's balloon on the mage tower ramp

Look for them in corners and alleys, too!

When you've found five then you get an Alliance Balloon of your very own! It's super fab!

And! You'll make Vin very very happy! Yay!

Vin aloft

Firelands—I am in you!

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