Ah...Love is in the Air...

Abethany's foxy outfitAnd so to celebrate I've begun wearing this outfit when I'm out and about in a major city. Or anyplace I don't have to get into a fight.

I got carried away with the idea though and came up with the following outfits:

  • Foxy

  • Festive

  • Fighting

  • Frumpy

I shall have pictures of each of them this week—so I don't go a whole month without posting anything again!

Where have I been? Doing the usual! Trying to get enough gear to, eventually, someday, one day, join in the 10-man raids. Just the other day I got my iLevel to 345 which is the technical qualification for joining the reindeer games, but I have yet to be invited in.

(Well, except for once when I was technically unqualified, and I was just there for a few attempts at one fight.)

Anyway, more soon!