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The Tier Problem

So the guild I'm in is going to give a shot at raiding again, using the Looking For Raids tool to fill out the roster.

To this end, I'm thinking, yet again again, of re-re-activating Abkani, my dwarf paladin (and my original main). Well, I can't do that without going out and about in a proper set of clothes, don't you agree? With transmogrification there's really no excuse for dressing like a clown. Plus, soloing something to get tier gear would help me learn the new (to me) paladin abilities.

But which set to choose?

Tier 1 Lawbringer

The infamous "banana shoulders." Pass.

Tier 2 Judgement

This is the set everyone's ga-ga over. It's fine, I love the shoulders, but aside from the fact that this is everyone's choice, the helmet is also a hood which completely obscuring the face. I don't like that.

Tier 2.5 Avengers

Are you serious with this?

Tier 4 Justicar

Potential. It's nice, symmetrical, isn't gaudy, shows the face, and best of all: has purple. Strong contender, but let's not choose yet...

Tier 5 Crystalforge

Lots of purple, which is good. Not quite gaudy, also good. But, the helm completely covers the face. Pass. Also, the boots are just a bit too poofy/goofy for me.

Tier 6 Lightbringer

I like it. It's gold, has an unusual, distinctive, and unobtrusive helm. Would need a good-looking weapon to accompany it, though.

Tier 7, 7.5 Redemption


Tier 8, 8.5 Aegis

I like the shoulders because they're unusual and look like they animate. The rest is a little busy though. But there's the helm, with its face-obscuring disqualifier.

Tier 9 Turalyon's

I like it. The shoulders are almost too much, but not quite. Wait...what's that on his legs? Fur? No. I'm a paladin, not some barbarian from the northern wastes.

Tier 9 Liadrin's

Looks good. I like the exposed skin and the color scheme works. There's that helmet problem again, though.

Tier 10, 10.5 Lightsworn

The helmet looks like an English bobby's hat. Pass.

Tier 11 Sapphirum

Hmm. I like the idea of the crystal-heavy motif—it goes well with the idea of dwarves and mining. The colors are good, and the helm makes sense (it doesn't obscure the whole face). Strong contender #2!

Tier 11 Heroic Sapphirium

It has purple, which is always a big plus. But the other colors...I dunno. Just don't do it for me.

Tier 12 Immolation

Ye gods, no.

Tier 13 Harvey Birdman, Attourney at Law

The helmet is utterly goofy yet has a strange appeal. The thunder thighs don't quite do it for me. And the shoulders are...I dunno. Pass.

So...which one?

Lightbringer, I think. By a hair!

I guess the only question now is: can my pally solo Black Temple?


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