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01-01-11—never forget!

LameSo this is what greeted me and the spousal unit as we attempted to log on this afternoon.

The Authentication servers are down—for bunches of people.

1-1-11 1:11? I see what  you did there. Yes. Very funny.

I saw the RSS reader feed I use for Blue posts was going apeshit over connection issues so I waded in to see what was what. Turns out this problem (as I write this) has been going on for hours upon hours.

It randomly affects accounts. One person can log in fine but their spouse cannot, for example. (We're both affected, alas.) It's entirely on Blizzard's end, nothing anyone on the outside can do about anything, pretty much.

It's absolutely derailing when the Authentication servers go down because there's nothing to be done.

But wait!

There is. I can log in via the mobile Armory app on my iPhone and conduct Auction House-related activities. Which is odd once you consider that transactions have to be authenticated. So, it's not all the Authentication servers, it's just some of them.

So…I guess what I can do is log on to my guild's Vent server and live vicariously through their pulls while I see how much Abyss Crystals are going for buyout?

I'd much rather be playing actually.

The most wonderful heroic