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Choosing WordPress vs Tumbr vs Blogger

I've been having a hell of a time lately. It's a first world problem: I have blogs set up on WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger. Mostly I've been using WordPress and using Tumblr and Blogger to park the names. But that's been sitting uneasily with me—I felt I needed to settle  and concentrate on one.

Choosing among the three has taken more energy than it should have, as I go back and forth amongst all sorts of criteria. Then I decided to do something to break the tie. I decided to make the same post and post it to all three, and compare and contrast the experience for each service, and go with the one that was easiest/best/&c.

The clear winner is WordPress. Clear.

First, look at the same post on the three different services (links open to a new window)…

Here's the WordPress post.

Here's the Tumblr post.

Here's the Blogger post.

The Blogger post was the worst experience of all three, by far. The composing window defaulted to HTML authoring, which didn't account for line breaks when I pasted in my text. When I switched to the "Composition" window, the window was very tiny and I had to do an inordinate amount of scrolling to get to where I needed to go.

Ugh. The Blogger composition process was simply awful. I'm never using that terrible shite unless there's some radical redesign.

The Tumblr post immediately presented an apparently insurmountable problem. I wanted to have text, then a picture, then more text. Apparently, this is impossible on Tumblr. See, you can begin with a "Text" post, and add pictures, or a "Picture" post, and add captions. But there's no way to have text then a picture then more text.

You can do that if you first upload the image to an image service and then link to it. Um. I don't want to jump through multiple hoops just to post a pic. Plus, getting a unique URL for just the pic is a pain in the ass for such services (they're trying to drive views to their site, where the ads are, not just to host pics, so I understand).

I used the "picture post" since it was the only way to upload pictures from my desktop. I was hoping I could go back and edit the post by adding additional text. No-go.

The WordPress post was executed pretty much flawlessly from start to finish. I could write text, upload an image from my desktop, and add more text after that. The interface was clean and nice.

So, WordPress is the winner! Spell Rotation shall be there from now on, pending some other crazy new service that attracts me like a moth. But, if it's going to, it's going to have to have the simple ability to write text and post pictures at the same time.