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Mizuki Buffet

On July 4th, we decided to go out to lunch but didn't know where to go. We initially thought Claim Jumper's because we hadn't been there in about 1,244 years. But they were closed. Across the street was the Grand Opening of a brand-new restaurant: Mizuki Buffet.

Let's go!

Three things—any one of which is enough by itself to turn me off—dominate Mizuki Buffet:

  1. It's garish.

  2. It's loud.

  3. The music, when you can hear it, is horrible.

None of that matters because going there was completely awesome in an totally over-the-top way. Comically crazy as bananas and I'll be back.

Here's an interior pic:

Mizuki Buffet interior

See, just off center, behind a plant, below the green exit sign, is a circular orb? That's a spinning shining sparkly ball. Not a disco ball, a ball with an interior light source that spins, shining gold rays like a projectile vomiting Star Trek computer wigging out after trying to answer a logic question posed by Kirk. By the front door.

If a spinning gold sparkly ball doesn't say "welcome," what does, I ask you?

Our table:

Mizuki buffet table pattern

This was our table. It's like a marble or whatnot—but it's at such an extraordinary gloss that it's mirror reflective. Reflected there is the image of the lamp on the wall that was over our booth. What does a Kafka-esque honeycomb pattern reminiscent of the original Battlestar Galactica series episode where they fought giant bees have to do with an abstract swirly marble pattern? I am unsure.

Nothing matches anything. It's precious! The staff wears khaki pants and pink shirts! The plates are black. The walls are uneven stone. The buffet is so vast it all comes together to say: No, you can't know what's coming next! It could be literally anything!

The food

It's right there in the name, it's a buffet. There's only one thing on the menu, except for a tiny drink menu.

But, oh my god, there're many different noms there. I had purple yams, tamago, a slice of pizza, a couple variations of chicken, some kind of puff pastry, fruit, mashed potatoes, spring rolls, more tamago, and more I can't remember. There was quite a wide variety of sushi to pick from, but since the only sushi I can eat is tamago because all other sushi is contaminated with some sort of water-breathing monstrocity I would sooner shun than ingest, I cannot say what all there was on offer.

But their website can. It says:
Sushi is our specialty and we offer lots of it! Our guests enjoy over 40 selections of sushi & sashimi that are not only skillfully prepared but artfully presented as well, including hand rolls that are made-to-order.

Our dinner menu includes more premium varieties of sushi such as unagi, hamachi, and mirugai and sashimi as well.  We also offer during dinner only, many seafood favorites such as jumbo shrimp, cocktail shrimp, snow crab legs, and oysters. In addition, we offer a made to order Hibachi grill. However, the number of menu selections is similar during lunch and dinner.

So, there you go, whatever all that means. Here are some pictures.

Oh, and did I mention the chocolate fountain? There was a chocolate fountain, with fresh strawberries. And ice cream. And sweet treats.

Speaking of fruit, the fruit was awesome perfectly ripe. Very nice.

Here's a gallery of some of their other noms.

Of course some items were better than others (tiny pizza slice was meh; whipped cream from a can), and some were just fantastic (purple yams were awesome, tamago perfect, chicken varieties splendid). Top shelf. I thoroughly enjoyed the food there.


Great! Very good!


The wild variety of offerings far outweighed the comically garish decor that looks like it was assembled from the remainder bin of Trump Tower. But at the same time, that's kind of charming and neat all by itself.

As you can tell from their website, prices are kinda pricey—but you should check it out at least once. It was quite an adventure going there. I've no doubt that we'll be back when we want that special Mizuki experience.

Unlimited tamago? Fuck yeah. The giant mirror marble tables can flash rotating rainbow colors for all I care if it means I can eat my way into a tamago coma.

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