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Here's the thing…

I've a few points about the change.

1) This is going to save us money.

Right now, we have the one DVD at a time and unlimited streaming. We've watched one of those DVDs in probably three or four months. We're not getting value out of the DVD. Worse, it's an object we have to manage when it's here.

Pure streaming is us.

2) No one should be surprised.

I can remember in February or March of last year Netflix saying that they were going to aggressively pursue streaming licenses over DVDs. What that tells everyone is "streaming is more important to us than DVDs." Thus, it was only a matter of time before they started to price things to make streaming more attractive than DVDs. Probably a little at first. Then, a lot.

Right now, it's a little.

This is not a surprise. It's wildly more expensive for Netflix to store, organize, handle, and mail DVDs than it is to serve the same movie on a stream. It only makes sense that they would want to encourage more people to stream than DVD.

3) Netflix is offering what we want.

This is where we want to go: a-la-carte instant delivery of content we want, how we want it, on the devices we want.  I can watch Netflix on via my TiVo, Xbox, Wii, iPad, iPhone, computer, and who all knows what else.

As far as I know, no other service offers all of that at once.

So I'm supporting the thing I want to have happen. Getting good product at a good price. I have every reason to continue with Netflix.

4) Availability.

I watch Netflix every single day for one thing or another. (I really should GetGlue more often for that, come to think of it.) I encounter "not available" for both DVD and streaming at the same time far more often than I encounter "disc only" availability.

YMMV, but for how I use the service, it's really not very often that I find something not available.

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