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What happened here?!

My left footBehold! My left foot. Augh! What the hell!

Well, I'll tell you: I have new boots and since my feet are asymmetrical the boot on my right foot fits perfectly but, apparently, not so much on my left. On my left, I developed a huge blister whose area is illustrated.

The fluid in that blister went…wherever such stuff goes and what was left behind was a layer of dead white skin flapping loose, a bag without anything in it. Walking on that was beginning to hurt so I took it upon myself to cut the skin away with toenail clippers.

The result? Fresh tender-pink skin underneath! It hurt a bit to walk on so I skipped walkies for a day. Next day though everything was fine.

You can also just make out the cut on my heel that also kept me from going on walkies a couple days (though not in a row, oddly).

I've tried various tactics to pad the area but so far nothing's quite worked. I'm positive the boot is fine, there are no defects in it and the interior is perfectly smooth, flat, soft, and even. It's just the shape of my foot, how I walk, and how it all fits together. But I haven't had problems recently so maybe I've broken in the boot, as it were.

Anyway! My left foot.


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