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Physical media for video games is dead

I wanted a copy of Civilization V on account I'm a great fan of the whole series. I even have multiple versions of Civilization Revolution.

Getting a physical copy of the game was problematic. There are no stores that sell video games along my commute so I'd have to wait until the weekend and detour during our usual lunch trip. There was no way I was spending 45 minutes or an hour driving all the way to a store, making a transaction, and driving back on a school night. I have D&D to run and/or World of Warcraft to play!

But if I ordered it from Amazon (or similar) shipping would take until the weekend—at least—to get to me anyway so I might as well get it from Amazon and save myself from having to go anywhere, right?

Then it hit me: Steam. I could:

  • Get the game in minutes

  • Pay no shipping

  • Not go out of my way in the slightest

  • Not have to manage the physical copy after purchase

Download was the clear choice. It took about 15 minutes to download, which was less time than it would take for me to drive to a store to buy it. I helped save the planet!

Physical media causes more problems than it solves. When anything reaches that stage, it's effectively dead whether it knows it or not.

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