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Betrayal! 2nd Edition!

Image courtesy GTM

Sweet! What's this? It's another printing of the best boardgame ever: Betrayal At House On the Hill!

So, anything new with this printing? Yes, yes there is:

  • New Haunts!

  • Revised and rebalanced old Haunts!

  • New Item and Event cards!

  • New counters, now with more graphics!

  • New cover art!

  • Revised rules, based on the FAQ!

  • Revised and updated components (the Underground Lake goes underground once more)!

  • New mechanic (for certain scenarios): hidden traitors!

Yaaay! So excited!

I say it's the best because it's always the first game pulled out at every Bacon-Wrapped Turkey Festival Day year after year! Smash hit!

And I'm super glad that there'll be another printing for people who enjoyed the game at our gathering and who would like to get a copy of their own.

Happy dance!

Republicans according to H.P. Lovecraft in 1936