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I've seen it twice in the theater and I can say it holds up on a second viewing.

No spoilers! You may feel free to read all of this prior to seeing the movie.

The trailer does not convey what the film is actually about. Here's what I got out of trailer:

  • Leonardo DeCaprio goes into dreams and steals secrets.

  • It's a tour-de-force of the latest in CGI—as one would expect in a movie about dreams.

What I didn't get from the trailer is what the source of dramatic tension would be. What, does Leonardo battle dream tigers or something? Well, that's fine by me I guess—I'm going to see the CGI anyway. That folding over of Paris was ultra-cool so sign me up.

I discovered what the film was about when I saw a stand-up in the theater. It was a triangular affair and on one side Leonardo was there and it was labeled "extractor" on the bottom. That's cool, got that from the trailer. But on another side was someone not shown in the trailer and his label said "forger." Ah ha! There's someone opposing him inside the dreams! That's the tension!

But that stand-up was misleading, which you will understand if you see the film.

What the film actually is a caper film (Leonardo plus a team of friends) mixed with a very mind-wrapping plot concerning an age-old dilemma of differentiating between dreams and reality. That plot has been done lots and lots before, so what makes Inception so good? It's how it mixes the caper film with other elements. It's almost 50/50 in that every time you turn around you're looking at either the drama and tension of a caper or the wonder, drama, and tension of being inside dreams.

The movie works very well in setting up the physics. How do the characters enter dreams? How do they get out? Why would they do something like this in the real world? It all makes sense within its framework. Nicely done.

Inception is smooth, the best edited film I've ever seen—better than Memento—has great action, great tension, and the best is saved for last. By that I mean, having seen the film twice both audiences have let out audible gasps at the very last second of the film. I guarantee you will too or your popcorn back.

And best of all you'll think about Inception after you see it. I don't think a thinking person could help but do so. It's not one you'll easily forget.

For those who have already seen it…

This site has MAJOR SPOILERS that discusses events in the film in minute detail but if you've seen the film I think you'll find it an interesting read. Don't click that link until you've seen the movie. Because—seriously—the impact of this movie depends on you seeing fresh the first time. As well, the things they discuss are nonsensical without seeing the film first so you'll be spoiled without understanding what the movie's about.

Come back and click after you've seen Inception. You'll be glad you did… :)

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