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Tablets ascendant

This report suggests a couple things. First, tablets will outsell notebooks by 2012. I would suggest that they'll outsell starting in 2011 when Google's offering hits the streets later this year.

The convenience and utility of tablets is strong and will only become stronger. As I said in a tweet the other day, when I got my iPad I fully expected my iPhone use to decrease but actually that hasn't happened at all.

Instead, it's the use of my MacBook Pro that has dived. I practically only turn it on for gaming at night and for syncing my iPhone and iPad in the morning. I'm writing and browsing  substantially more on my iPad.

Second, this graph:

This shows desktops in a slide and portables leveling out, which is interesting. It would seem from this report that people are preferring portability over fixed installations.

That makes sense. Laptops are increasing in power especially in one important area: Gaming. Anecdotally I'm seeing more ads for laptops aimed at gaming specifically than I have in the past. Fixed installations can be cheaper monetarily but the loss of convenience seems to be too high a price.


With OnLive playing on an iPad as seen in this video, no one will need to buy even so much as a laptop, right? Because it's as good as all the hype?

25 pounds

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