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The new hotness

I've been running a 4th edition D&D campaign since launch, but there's been a problem: there's no default world to play in.

Wizards of the Coast publishes Forgotten Realms, but it has a definite flavor and special rules. There's also Eberron which is even more divergent from what one would consider default. What does that leave if one wants a traditional D&D or generic fantasy experience?

Pathfinder Chronicles Campaign Setting Saying goodbye...

Nothing—from WotC. However, there is a company that does publish the perfect thing: A campaign world that is suitable for any rules system and, in particular, has default written all over it: Pathfinder Chronicles by Paizo Publishing.

I quickly embraced this product because the book has nearly zero system-specific rules in it. It can be used for any game and it has a lot of material. And crucially it's available in PDF format.

Simply ideal.

It was exactly what I was looking for. A fully developed rich world with a wide variety of places to have all kinds of adventures.

Speaking of adventures, I prefer to DM with 50% published adventures and 50% my own work. Wizards of the Coast had me covered when it came to published adventures—except not really. Unfortunately, their support is strong at the beginning and becomes progressively weaker the higher level the game becomes. WotC doesn't publish but a couple high-level (25+) adventures. This means that if I want to run a D&D game to its logical conclusion, 30th-level, then I have to do almost all the work myself, all the time, which I don't really have time to do.

So I'm left with really only one choice: End the campaign.

Dark Sun campaign setting Hello there!

But rather than restart the campaign in the same world my players and I have decided to give Dark Sun a go.

It's a brand new experience for some of my players and a welcome returning friend for others. I'm merely looking forward to finding support for the setting. It has special rules and flavor like Forgotten Realms and Eberron have, and this would normally be a negative, but this is what we need right now.

Of course I would prefer to have the campaign end naturally at 30th level but for whatever reasons WotC has they've decided not to lend as much assistance to seeing a campaign through to the end as they are to starting it.

I'm cognizant of the fact that there will be fewer adventures for Dark Sun than there are for the campaign we're ending in a few days. That's fine since I know going in this is going to be a shorter campaign experience than normal D&D.

Valhalla Rising

Compare and contrast