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Three years ago, I (Eric) wrote a blog post about how DKP was the worst thing ever. Hyperbolic, of course, but still…

TL;DR version—DKP systems:

  • Are not necessary.
  • Assume a lack of trust.
  • Require administration.
  • Increase complexity.

More than happy to expand on any point in the comments if anyone would like.

Segue to...

Someone in our guild is proposing we adopt a DKP system, specifically the EPGP DKP system. Why? I summarized in our guild Facebook page:

There was a chat in Vent last night about raiding, and the best objective memory I can muster is: We wanna raid! To that end, getting people/friends from other guilds/PUGs to fill out slots to get to 10 people, for example, will be likely required. And, to make such folks feel welcome and fairly treated, a DKP system that would be fair and encourage repeat visits to our raid (by accumulating DKP) might be beneficial to that end.

A DKP system is antithetical to our guild. But, we recognize that we don't live in a vacuum—there are other people playing the game. This is a strategy to deal with an anticipated problem of including outsiders so we can meet our goal of having fun.

I've been on both sides: in a guild that's invited friends and strangers to fill slots, and been the stranger and the friend filling in. I haven't seen the need for a DKP system in either case. Certainly I didn't expect one, and having one in place would have discouraged me from returning. 

That's just me. I've never heard anyone expressly say they'd only raid with a DKP system in place—but that's very anecdotal. I'm sure others' experiences differ. I don't like EPGP, or any system, so what do I propose? Glad you asked…

The Perfect DKP System (PDKP)

I call it PDKP since adding letters to DKP seems all the rage.

The Perfect DKP system is one that I don't have to participate in—and which non-participation causes no hardship to others using the system.

I don't think it's possible, but here's what I mean…

I want to be able to enter the raid and play with friends and not worry at all about whatever DKP system is in place—knowing this means no gear. Aside from transmogrification pieces, I'm not as gear hungry as most are. If I was, I'd have made a significantly greater effort in Firelands last expansion (current plan is to solo (or two-person) it when I get to 100th level).


PDKP means I get no gear ever.

Even if the Perfect Item drops (one that no one else can use and is a clear upgrade), it gets disenchanted. Why? Because it's not fair to people in the DKP system for me to get anything for free. It's not.

They're doing all the work of maintaining and participating in the system. How is it fair that I get an item when I did "nothing" to get it? True, I was in the raid and helped get to the point where it dropped and everything, but that's irrelevant to the system because I'm not in the system.

Worse, it damages the morale of people participating in the DKP system to see someone not in the system get something. Damaging morale is precisely the thing that DKP systems exist to prevent.


It's cold out here

The natural result of PDKP is that I get pushed out of the raid. As more people get better gear and expectations rise accordingly (for example, the desire to speed pull) I'll be left behind in my outdated gear and replaced with someone who's up to snuff. While my iLevel would be enough to get me in the door, it won't be enough to actually contribute long term.

Special snowflake

Another problem with PDKP is that it makes me into a special snowflake who thinks himself above all that DKP nonsense, and that's plain irritating. I'm the one who thought it up and it irritates just writing this.

All that said…

The most significant problem with PDKP is that no one would accept it.

Would you?