Episode 103: "The Garrison Gambit"

Guest host Kristin returns! With Katie going down to PAX East during recording, Kristin was kind enough to not only guest host—but guest host with the voice she'd lost only the night before!

We talk about 6.1's best features and how it's been affecting us, and what we're doing about S.E.L.F.I.E.s, Blackrock Foundry, raids, followers, world bosses, garrisons, and much more!

Episode 100: "BA-BAM!"

It's episode 100—we're as surprised as you are! It's an action-packed episode! (Well...it's packed, anyway!)

February is a big month in WoW with lots going on!

Love Is in the Air! We talk about two new achievements for this year, one easy and the other is really hard! 

Here's the post by a guildie about how to get charms easy-peasy:

Every expansion has an easy way to make Lovely Charms for the Valentine's event, and WoD is no different. Go to Spires of Arak, 58.6 45.0 and kill Stingtail workers and drones. The mobs respawn almost instantly, and die like they're made of flash paper and balsa wood. I created over 500 charms in less than an hour. Extra bonus: bring a bodyguard from your garrison and level up his rep at the same time. i leveled Delvar from nearly 0 to maxed out while I was making charms

Look! It's the new Mystic Runesaber! There is major squee!

Episode 99: "Be Like the Cool Kids"

Sad news this episode, as we talk about the terrible fate of WoW Insider. It's being closed down by parent company AOL and this affects people we know personally.

Next, we cover very welcome crafting news—Draenor goods are no longer time gated! We're so happy for that!

Blizzard announced some changes to Fishing that were not well received. They have since reverted their changes and added a new item to make everything better.

Followers may expand their prowess yet even more than before.

Eric changed the load out of his buildings in his Garrison to something that is better than nothing.

The Twitter integration is working in the PTR!

World of Warcraft: Chronicles is a new thing!

Katie discussed 10 Secret Locations, which will be the source of new wallpapers for Eric.

Eric's happy with the way lockouts are being handled in Highmaul.

And finally, we discuss answers to the First Class Question that Eric proposed in social media!

Episode 98: "6.1"

It's a double episode this week! We recorded earlier but weren't satisfied with that content, so we threw it out and recorded this morning and turned out a great episode with lots of Official Patch 6.1 notes and discussion!

PLUS we've posted our daily WoW to-dos over on the Facebook page. Have a look at them and see if there's anything you'd like to add!

Episode 97: "Agonizing Stones"

We're back after holiday break! In this episode, we discuss patch 6.1 news but quickly move into a variety of tips and things we've discovered as we've gone about our activities within Draenor.

The map Katie spoke of, showing all the monsters to kill for The Stable Master achievement, is here.

Episode 95: "Grinning Reaver"

TREASURE! Learn how to find all the treasure of Draenor. Plus, Eric has sad news about his computer, Katie runs out of gold and shares some news about Hearthstone, and more!

Find WoWHead's guides to treasures and temples here.

Episode 94: "Blook!"

A new episode and we chat about Garrisons mostly—but since there's so much intertwined and connected to Garrisons we actually branch out and include a bunch of other topics as well.

Did you know you need only unlock level 3 buildings once for all your characters? I did not, which is why this Warlords of Draenor Garrison Level 3 Blueprint Guide by WoW Insider was so helpful.

Plus, Katie has found a new pet website, Battle Pet Roundup, which sounds pretty keen!

Oh, and our favorite follower? Why, it's Blook, of course!

Episode 93: "Tackling Draenor"

OMGosh there's so very much to talk about, but we do narrow things down in episode 93 to a handful of topics—including tips and tricks about Garrisons, Fishing, Cooking, and pets!

We had to cut the episode short (well, "short") before it became too long, but we're already anxious to cover more things next episode!

Episode 92: "Double the Draenor Episode Extravaganza!"

It's a double-sized episode because it's Warlords of Draenor launch day +1! What all happened? Why isn't the server up? What do we love? What's it like? 

PLUS this episode we take questions posed live during recording! 

There was so much to talk about we took two episodes' of time to gab!

This link will lead you to the wonderful Ask Mr. Robot Garrison Guide mentioned in the show.

Episode 90: "Grommash Readies Himself"

Tons of topics this episode! We chat about...

  • The increase in subscribers (woot!)
  • Some new TV commercials
  • The new anti-grinding nerf that lots of people are upset about
  • Where you should go—physically—when Warlords of Draenor happens
  • Remember guest co-host Kristin? She has a nifty new site called MRGL that you should check out. It's a one-stop shop for IRL and online events for all of Blizzards' games. Very professional site!
  • And then we talk about all the dungeons that're easily soloable now and share some stores
  • And we conclude with some discounts that're only available for a couple more days so listen to the episode now!

Episode 89: "Triple Inflation"

Of course this episode is all about reaction to the "Pre-Patch" and how we fared—but wait! There's more! We also discuss new things, particularly pets, that appeared in the pre-patch as well as what's coming in Warlords of Draenor.

All that and more in episode 89!

Episode 88: "Quality of Life"

We're back with week with HUGE topics! We cover lots and lots and manage to get it all done within the time limit (almost)! We chat about the pre-patch, the missing gap mystery, new dungeons, new pets, new mounts, and many other things—it's a whirlwind!

Join us for a whirl!

Links! We have links!

Pre-patch announcement and the patch notes themselves.

The Missing Gap Mystery.

The new Garrison preview.

The new Draenor dungeons.

New mounts in Draenor.


Episode 86: "Mount Runs"

Katie and Eric eke out what news there is to eke and talk about what to do 'fore Draenor arrives. Plus a way to earn 300% more experience points than normal and news about a discounted pet!

Episode 85: "Don't Freak Out!"

Really big changes coming for tanks—but don't freak out, Blizzard says. We try to not freak out in this episode! Blizzard's full post is here.

Plus, we talk about the gold cost for things that used to cost Justice Points and Valor Points, new pet news of course, and many other enjoyable and entertaining topics, so join us, won't you?