Episode 83: "Space Goat!"

No more Justice or Valor! We discuss that and then discover there's a space goat! Plus, we talk more about what we're doing when Warlords of Draenor launches—one of us is taking a vacation!

Also, in this episode, we ask a question:

Do you play WoW as an extension of yourself or to get away?

Have a listen to the podcast for an explanation, but we're anxious to hear your answer! Reply in the comments below or on Twitter or Facebook!

Episode 80: "Chopping Blood Elves"

A special guest host this week! Katie is in Las Vegas getting her Star Trek on, so Kristin filled in to guest host! We talk about the chopper in an I-told-you-so moment, how blood elves aren't making the cut for the expansion, and Kristin convinces me to doggedly pursue Engineering!

Episode 79: "Curse of Garrisons"

So many topics this episode! Learn how to pronounce Draenor! There's a guest host next week! Plus a NEW way to win one of 1,000 BETA keys—if you act today, the 27th! Plus mage news, Hearthstone news, pet news, and more.

Episode 75: "Win a Beta Key Part 2: Electric Boogaloo"

Ahoy! Who wants a closed beta key? Here's how: Post a picture of you on your favorite mount and we'll choose TWO winners randomly! Yay! Post them on 30minutecooldown.com, our Facebook page, or our Twitter page!

Meanwhile, we talked about the alpha/beta of course, some listener-inspired homework about Rogues (which will continue for a final report next episode!), the most-desired mount in all of WoW, and tons of other topics—quite a variety show! Join us!

Episode 74: "It's Called Draenor"

There is much and varied talk about a variety of topics this episode! There's the alpha, of course, plus feels, maths, pets, goals, busywork, picture posts, deeps, peens, and the second best event in World of Warcraft!

Episode 72: "Alpha Report Zero Zero One"

Alpha! Eric was invited and played a bunch and has some observations on how combat works with the stat squish, what it's like to build the first building in a garrison and why you'll want to do it right away, compares level 1 with level 90 in the alpha, and tons and tonnes more!

Plus we cover some news items about the Guardian Cub and the tricycle!

Episode70: "Transmogging Pets of Draenor"

A good episode this week featuring some pet tips, our new favorite transmogrification sites, things to do during THE WAIT, and more!

A ton of links to share this episode, so let's get too 'em, eh?

Episode 68: "Going in Blind"

Katie reveals why she hates World of Warcraft now and forever and ever. Well…maybe not forever and ever—but she does have a major gripe and maybe you can help with it! Leave helpful suggestions at the 30 Minute Cooldown website or on Facebook.com/30minutecooldown.

Meanwhile, we chat briefly about things we can do while we wait for Warlords of Draenor and agree to come up with a handy helpful list for next episode! Also, we resolve to form a weekly group for achievement runs in forgotten dungeons and raids.

And more! Join us, won't you—and bring a friend!

Episode 66: "No Flight for Joo!"

We have a winner! Tune in to hear whether you won the drawing for the Warlords of Draenor beta key—and we do that at the beginning so you don't have to cheat and skip to the end somewhere to listen for your name because we're nice like that!

ALSO we discuss the explanation from Blizzard regarding their fly/no-fly policy that Bashiok posted here.

ANND Eric hatched upon a scheme to learn how to paladin again, regaining long long lost skills.

All this and more in episode 66!