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Episode 121: "Four Things Everyone Should Do"

Legion is out and there's SO MUCH you can do!

But what are four things you should do?

Follow these here links to a happier Legion future!

Margoss' Retreat

Get a fishy mount and a fishy toy for fishing with Legion's version of Nat Pagle. If you join a group with the Group Finder, you can get this completely done in a couple hours!

WoW Legion Companion App

Do some things when you're away from your computer! It's light, fun, easy, and you actually accomplish things in-game whilst out of the game!

Kosumoth Attunement Quest

It sounds complicated—but there's an easy step-by-step guide for how to open up this World Quest, where you can get a pet and a mount—and have fun, of course! Katie advises bringing potions for breathing water and evading monsters!

Long-lost Hippogryph

Who doesn't want a mount that the folks in Darnassus have been using this whole time? Apparently this one is a mite complicated and/or tough!


Episode 122: "Tough Easy Legion Love"

Episode 122: "Tough Easy Legion Love"

Episode 120: "It's Legion...wait for it...DAIRY!"