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Episode 108: "You Tokin'?"

Episode 108: "You Tokin'?"

So many topics this episode—and lots of links for the show notes!

Have either Katie or Eric bought or sold one of those new tokens? Find out?

Then, Eric has a new scheme for managing his full bank and void storage and all of that via a new transmogrification scheme, inspired by WoWHead's new transmogrification guide

Both Katie and Eric are looking forward to the new Timewalking feature.

Pepe is getting new costumes and there's a new Left Shark pet coming in 6.2! There is excite!

That picture is for Crusher, a new pet, which has an accompanying adorable story!

Eric is looking forward to the new Perfect Blossom toy. WoWHead has some pictures of how it looks.

And let's not forget about the new mounts in 6.2!

And before the show ends, Eric makes Katie feel special because of Starcraft II!

Episode 109: "The Mother of All Video Games"

Episode 107: "Goodie Bag 6.2"

Episode 107: "Goodie Bag 6.2"