Episode 100: "BA-BAM!"

It's episode 100—we're as surprised as you are! It's an action-packed episode! (Well...it's packed, anyway!)

February is a big month in WoW with lots going on!

Love Is in the Air! We talk about two new achievements for this year, one easy and the other is really hard! 

Here's the post by a guildie about how to get charms easy-peasy:

Every expansion has an easy way to make Lovely Charms for the Valentine's event, and WoD is no different. Go to Spires of Arak, 58.6 45.0 and kill Stingtail workers and drones. The mobs respawn almost instantly, and die like they're made of flash paper and balsa wood. I created over 500 charms in less than an hour. Extra bonus: bring a bodyguard from your garrison and level up his rep at the same time. i leveled Delvar from nearly 0 to maxed out while I was making charms

Look! It's the new Mystic Runesaber! There is major squee!

Then it's on to other items, like winter-specific pets, the elusive Shadow Sporebat, new heirloom UI, new followers, Blackrock Foundry opening up, Garrison woes, switching buildings, and much more!