New treats!

The Blizzard Store has some new things for sale and Blizzard has added new things for the Love is in the Air event!

 Lil' Hogger

Lil' Hogger

First is Lil' Hogger, for $30. Isn't he the cutest?! Spoiler: Yes, yes, he is. I just adore those crazy eyes! The only that would make it better would be if it issued a hyena laugh if you squeezed its tummy. But, that's OK, I have that sound firmly in my memory anyway! 

 Cute But Deadly

Cute But Deadly

Next is one of four new mugs. This one is the Cute But Deadly.

I don't drink coffee, so I've no use for a mug—but I want them all anyway. There's a nifty machine at the office that makes wonderful hot chocolate (complete with hot milk!) but if I took a mug to work then I'd have to wash it and take care of it and all.

Finally, there are new things for Love is in the Air: a new item, pet, and some achievements!

Here's the scoop from WoWHead:

The Crown Company now drops ilvl 635 necklaces which have a special on-use effect that grant It Might Just Save Your Life,  True Love Prism is a toy from the new achievement They Really Love Me!, and Lovebird Hatchling can be purchased with 40 Love Tokens.

They Really Love Me! sounds like an impossible achievement for an introvert. But we don't know all the details of how one gets Love Rayed. Maybe it's easier than we all might think...

Regardless, I'm looking forward to Love is in the Air this year!

Oh, and the ilvl 635 necklaces? Nothing to sneeze at—especially for alts!