Episode 99: "Be Like the Cool Kids"

Sad news this episode, as we talk about the terrible fate of WoW Insider. It's being closed down by parent company AOL and this affects people we know personally.

Next, we cover very welcome crafting news—Draenor goods are no longer time gated! We're so happy for that!

Blizzard announced some changes to Fishing that were not well received. They have since reverted their changes and added a new item to make everything better.

Followers may expand their prowess yet even more than before.

Eric changed the load out of his buildings in his Garrison to something that is better than nothing.

The Twitter integration is working in the PTR!

World of Warcraft: Chronicles is a new thing!

Katie discussed 10 Secret Locations, which will be the source of new wallpapers for Eric.

Eric's happy with the way lockouts are being handled in Highmaul.

And finally, we discuss answers to the First Class Question that Eric proposed in social media!