Episode 67: "Raiding in Draenor"

Whoa, Nelly! Quite the bombshell in the latest Developer Watercooler post from Blizzard (and WoWHead has a nice summary here)! 

TL;DR version: Tier sets—and set bonuses—have been removed from Raid Finder (formerly LFR) raids altogether. This has lots of folks upset and we talk through the issue in this episode.

Also, we discuss the increasingly vocal objection to the fact that Draenor lacks strong female characters and heroes, and the marketing and story of Draenor, coupled with the chopper reality show, is making the expansion feel like a testosterone mid-life crisis. 

Katie has a strong opinion on that matter—and it's probably not what you expect!

And we also discuss the (seemingly) concerted effort on the part of Blizzard to reduce the necessity of guilds in WoW—something we both find quite troubling.

Is there anything in Draenor that's exciting us so far? We discuss that, too!

This and other issues covered in this good episode!