Episode 42: "Proving Ground Gambit"

It's a jam-packed science-and-tips episode of 30 Minute Cooldown as Katie and Eric discuss ways to play WoW using science! 

What is the proper way to play 5.4? Were you thinking of calling in sick from work on Tuesday? Don't! We explain why—with science. 

How does one do if one has never done?  We arrive at a Proving Ground Gambit method of learning a class role without ever having set paw inside of a dungeon. 

How many hours per week do you play WoW? We share a scientific method of gathering that data that is not add-on dependent—in fact, it's guaranteed accurate!

There's a new World of Warcraft themed Trivial Pursuit  game! We share the categories and predict our performance, as well as share what tips the scales into our buying it.

What are the benefits of proper LF behavior? We illustrate by example why you should play at your best even though you're "only" in an LFG or LFR. 

Wht happens when you have not-great level in Herbalism and find yourself in Pandaria? Hear our tale! 

This week's Supercute revolves around Ghost Iron Ore and features this guide to new 5.4 Engineering pets!