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Episode 46: "Farm, don't farm!"

Episode 46: "Farm, don't farm!"

In this episode, we detail what's been time sinking us away from WoW last week, namely Pokémon Y for Eric and Hearthstone for Katie.

Then Katie reveals a Brand New plan of hers to maximize her farming, and by farming, we mean Farming, not farming. Listen in to find out what in the world she's referring to! 

We also talk about a terrible Sophie's Choice in respect to friends and WoW. 

Plus, a scheme for getting gear! 

ALSO! There's a pet for the Day of the Dead, the Macabre Marionette!  

All this and more! 

Katie tells us how to get the Macabre Marionette:

1) Log in during Day of the Dead , which is November 1.

2) Buy some ice cold milk and simple flour. Milk from an innkeeper (not Dalaran) and simple flour from a cooking supplier.

3) Go to Dalaran.

4) Go to the graveyard just north of the staircase where you'd exit the Violet Citadel in the grassy area, you'll see some seasonal NPCs.

5) Buy an Orange Marigold and the Recipe: Bread of the Dead from the seasonal vendor there.

6) Learn the recipe. Be ready to accept and turn in quest at same time; you have only 30 seconds per flower usage.

7) Use the cooking fire beside the questgiver to make the bread.

8) Use the flowers to make the invisible dead visible. Some spirits including a quest giver will appear (such as the Cheerful Dalaran Spirit).

9) Accept quest: The Grateful Dead. Because you've already made the bread it will change directly to a completion.

10) Turn in the quest and receive the Macabre Marionette (appears as skull in inventory) as quest reward.


Episode 47: "Slow News Week"

Episode 47: "Slow News Week"

Episode 45: "Queue Timeless Frolic"

Episode 45: "Queue Timeless Frolic"