Episode 121: "Four Things Everyone Should Do"

Legion is out and there's SO MUCH you can do!

But what are four things you should do?

Follow these here links to a happier Legion future!

Margoss' Retreat

Get a fishy mount and a fishy toy for fishing with Legion's version of Nat Pagle. If you join a group with the Group Finder, you can get this completely done in a couple hours!

WoW Legion Companion App

Do some things when you're away from your computer! It's light, fun, easy, and you actually accomplish things in-game whilst out of the game!

Kosumoth Attunement Quest

It sounds complicated—but there's an easy step-by-step guide for how to open up this World Quest, where you can get a pet and a mount—and have fun, of course! Katie advises bringing potions for breathing water and evading monsters!

Long-lost Hippogryph

Who doesn't want a mount that the folks in Darnassus have been using this whole time? Apparently this one is a mite complicated and/or tough!


Episode 120: "It's Legion...wait for it...DAIRY!"

We're back and OH MY GOSH what a wonderful expansion to World of Warcraft this new Legion is!

Katie and Eric talk about their pre- and post-launch experiences which includes playing their mains and the new Demon Hunter class. Plus we learn about a new term these kids today are using, chat about differing play styles, analyze game play balance—and more!

Join us, won't you, for an exciting—and on time—new episode, won't you?

Episode 112: "Flying Shipyards"

Episode 112: "Flying Shipyards"

There will be flying in Draenor! Super-exciting news and a dramatic reversal from Blizzard! We'll all be able to fly—once we perform a handful of tasks...

Check your progress on WoWhead's wonderful tool here.

We go on to talk about preparing for Patch 6.2, including why you should get every single Apexis Crystal you can get your hands on before the patch drops. If you get the maximum, you'll have three iLevel 695 items on the first day! MMO Champion explains how.

We also judge the new Tier 18 outfits and find them actually quite surprising! If you want to see what your character looks like in the new outfits, use WoWhead's preview here.

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Episode 108: "You Tokin'?"

Episode 108: "You Tokin'?"

So many topics this episode—and lots of links for the show notes!

Have either Katie or Eric bought or sold one of those new tokens? Find out?

Then, Eric has a new scheme for managing his full bank and void storage and all of that via a new transmogrification scheme, inspired by WoWHead's new transmogrification guide

Both Katie and Eric are looking forward to the new Timewalking feature.

Pepe is getting new costumes and there's a new Left Shark pet coming in 6.2! There is excite!

Eric is looking forward to the new Perfect Blossom toy. WoWHead has some pictures of how it looks.

And let's not forget about the new mounts in 6.2!

And before the show ends, Eric makes Katie feel special because of Starcraft II!

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Episode 106: "WoW and Woodpeckers"

Episode 106: "WoW and Woodpeckers"

In this episode, Katie and Eric examine a gaggle of interesting topics, including:

  • Discussing the benefits of getting an exalted reputation
  • Explaining why you should go to the Sunwell, Battle of Mt. Highball, and Black Temple
  • Laughing at a good April Fool's joke that wasn't Blizzard's doing.
  • Fixing what's wrong with Missions
  • Noting the important differences of rejiggering
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