Episode 123: "Can't Even Suramar"

We have a TON of hints and tips and things for you this episode! We go on about:

  • Quests!
  • World quests!
  • Cooking!
  • Fishing!
  • Pets!
  • Bacon!
  • Treasures!
  • Rares!
  • Archaeology!
  • And more!

You're guaranteed to learn something, probably!

Episode 118: "Test It with the Ugly Ones"

In this episode, we posit that perhaps the mage is the baseline class for all other classes. We explain why/how. Then it's on to the glorious transmogrification changes that're upcoming in Legion, some PvP antics, why we play at all and the differences between Katie and Eric, and much more!

Episode 117: "Talkin' Terky"

We're alive! And back!

This episode was posted a bit late—but think of it as being first with tips for next year's Hallow's End!

Plus, we talk about raids, pets, toys, and much more!

Enjoy—and see you soon with more new episodes!

Episode 116: "Hi, Unit!"

Today's special guest in absentia is Eric's spousal unit. The three of us, in our own special way, cover a whole bunch of topics! There's flying, garrisons, pets, treasures, holidays, and more!

Episode 115: "Leeeeegion Squeeeee!"

There's a new expansion!!

We cover (almost) all that's known about the expansion so far, including: 

  • New features
  • New Hero Class
  • Major class changes!
  • Profession changes
  • New weapon type: Artifacts
  • New PvP honor system
  • And much more!

Episode 113: "In the Jungle the Mighty Jungle"

We're back with all sorts of things to talk about regarding Patch 6.2 and Tanaan Jungle and so forth!

Among our topics:

  • Our favorite things in 6.2
  • The results of Eric's Garrison experiment
  • New pets!
  • Reputation
  • Quests
  • Fun with friends
  • Whether Katie is going to cancel her WoW account!
  • And much more!

Episode 112: "Flying Shipyards"

There will be flying in Draenor! Super-exciting news and a dramatic reversal from Blizzard! We'll all be able to fly—once we perform a handful of tasks...

Check your progress on WoWhead's wonderful tool here.

We go on to talk about preparing for Patch 6.2, including why you should get every single Apexis Crystal you can get your hands on before the patch drops. If you get the maximum, you'll have three iLevel 695 items on the first day! MMO Champion explains how.

We also judge the new Tier 18 outfits and find them actually quite surprising! If you want to see what your character looks like in the new outfits, use WoWhead's preview here.

Episode 111: "Never Stopped to Ask Why"

Katie and Eric address the state WoW is in and wonder whether the combination of Garrisons and the edict against flying are the worst things to happen to the game, and if that's why we haven't been logging on much lately.

But wait! Solutions are offered and optimism is raised—a tiny bit...

Plus Eric proposes a week-long experiment!

Episode 108: "You Tokin'?"

So many topics this episode—and lots of links for the show notes!

Have either Katie or Eric bought or sold one of those new tokens? Find out?

Then, Eric has a new scheme for managing his full bank and void storage and all of that via a new transmogrification scheme, inspired by WoWHead's new transmogrification guide

Both Katie and Eric are looking forward to the new Timewalking feature.

Pepe is getting new costumes and there's a new Left Shark pet coming in 6.2! There is excite!

Eric is looking forward to the new Perfect Blossom toy. WoWHead has some pictures of how it looks.

And let's not forget about the new mounts in 6.2!

And before the show ends, Eric makes Katie feel special because of Starcraft II!

Episode 107: "Goodie Bag 6.2"

It's news and advice this episode! We start with what you should do with Level 25 pet tokens, then move into all the news about 6.2—of which there is quite a lot! Plus some talk about this and that in the general World of Warcraft! 

Here are the April 17 Patch Notes so you can listen along at home!

Episode 106: "WoW and Woodpeckers"

In this episode, Katie and Eric examine a gaggle of interesting topics, including:

  • Discussing the benefits of getting an exalted reputation
  • Explaining why you should go to the Sunwell, Battle of Mt. Highball, and Black Temple
  • Laughing at a good April Fool's joke that wasn't Blizzard's doing.
  • Fixing what's wrong with Missions
  • Noting the important differences of rejiggering

Episode 104: "We're Back!"

After galavanting across the globe and doing this and that, we're back with episode 104! We chat about Tokens, the current state of the Auction House, Blackrock Foundry, BlizzCon, a new MMO that wants to be everything WoW isn't, and more!