Episode 3: "New Life for WoW"

Katie and Eric are back with a new episode about World of Warcraft! In this episode, we cover all the things we've been up to since our previous episode of the late 30 Minute Cooldown.

Never fear, though! We're keeping up the same content over here on 30 Minute Obsessions!

In this episode, Eric begins by raving about an idea he's carrying out even now! Pop on over to Morgice to read his new roleplaying blog about Morgice, an undead mage. It's a blog with both pictures and text! Such content would be here, but it's best not to overwhelm the posts here with just one topic, eh?

Then, Katie discusses all the things she's been up to, which includes instructions on how to get this mount:


Isn't it fabulous? Plus, she explains some new things with PvP, some of her pet adventures (but of course!) as well as a bunch of other things, too!

Have a listen!