Episode 4: "WWDC 2017: The Psychical Episode"

Stand by for a TRIPLE-sized episode! It's alright—Natasha and Eric haven't recorded since January and there are a ton of rumors for this year's WWDC.

Among the things we cover: Siri Speaker, new iPad Pros, Amazong Prime on Apple TV, Apple Watch will cure your diabetes, MacBook Pro updates, Home Kit, iPhone 9, improvements to Apple Music, and much more!

PLUS we talk generally about parity between iOS and macOS—should there be more of it?

AND! Listen to Eric's conspiracy theory that Apple is slowly acclimating us toward having one OS for both iPhone and iPad as well as desktop devices like the MacBooks and iMacs! The first step: versioning! Eric predicts this WWDC will have iOS 11 and macOS 11.

Episode 3: "New Life for WoW"

Katie and Eric talk about all the things they've been doing since the last episode over on 30 Minute Cooldown. Eric begins with a chat about a roleplaying blog for an undead mage and Katie gives instructions for a new spirit mount, some PvP info, and of course some pet adventures!

Episode 2: "Westworld"

Katie and Eric begin with recommendations for shows you should watch, then cover some TV news, before getting to the meat of the show, and in-depth—but spoiler-free—look at the HBO series Westworld.